Well, my fellow curlies, my french twist with a twist was a disaster but at least it was a salvageable one. So I think I finally overcame my boredom. Nothing like a little failure to make you appreciate a sure thing.  I decided to go back to my wash-n-go, but I shook things up a bit by adding a leave-in from the same line as my conditioner.  Yea, I know what you're thinking you should've already been using a leave-in conditioner.  Well, I was using a growth milk from a different line by the same company. I finally got my hands on the curl & style milk that goes with the gel I use.  Omg, the first time was not the charm but when I made sure I distributed it thoroughly from roots to ends, my curls are straight poppin' y'all, perfect little spirals...keyword being little. I don't know why but I have the worse time with shrinkage no matter what I try.  My past shoulder length hair won't even dry to my shoulders (insert epic sad face here).  The only saving grace is that it looks good and is uber shiny.  Yes, I said uber.  Oh, and did I mention that it is soft.  It doesn't have that crunchy, hey world I used gel feel to it.

    My next project is a homemade refresher mist.  Does anyone know any good recipes? I've tried mixing conditioner with water but I wasn't really satisfied.  I want to kill frizz and flyaways while maintaining my shine.  So far it's been a learning curve for me but I'm hoping that the third time will be the charm in this case.  I'm not even sure what essential oils are or if we have a store in Podunkville that sells them (insert sigh here), so I hope it'll be fine without it.  I'm going to try a version of a recipe I saw that used 2 ounces of distilled water and 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil.  I'm wondering if I should replace one of those tablespoons with a tablespoon of leave-in conditioner instead, but coconut oil does hydrate.  I'm starting to realize more and more that learning your hair and going natural is like getting a degree.  You do tons of research, hair projects, and experiment...a lot.  It's a process that can take years.  Is it worth it?  I think so because instead of a piece of paper, I got a more confident, happier, healthier me and that's cause for celebration.  Happy Curliness, Curlies!