So I am going to start with my daily routine (usually daily, sometimes I just cant be bothered haha), 
  • first I take my hair out of my pineapple bun thing (cant exactly remember what its called) after waking up
  • I then either spritz it with my homemade lavender spray and hand scrunch till dry 
  • or if my hair needs a wash or condition I will do that 
  • When wet I will put in a repair ends serum cream 
  • Then I will scrunch dry with an old 100% cotton t-shirt.

    That is literally all I do! 
    I have tried using mousses but I have found they make my hair stick together in a straw-like way. If anyone has any suggestions how to get mousse to work better I would be very greatful to hear! I would like to possess a way to add more volume and curls to my hair. 

    It also seems that my hair is taking a long long time to grow and was wondering if anyone home remedies to make it grow longer, faster?

    If anyone would like a recipe for my homemade lavender spray I would be happy to post it on my next blog! It smells great and makes the hair curl up and look shiny! xo