The nappy truth

The nappy truth

I've been natural for 5 years just to find this year that i had absolutely no clue what natural meant. I thought wearing natural hair styles and avoiding chemicals was all it was. Obviously i had it all wrong so this is my new journey to healthy hair<3


3 years ago

As i mentioned before i have been natural for about 5 years now. I started my natural journey in 2008 after loosing almost all of my hair to allopecia. Since then i have been through a whirl wind of hair styles, products, and youtube videos. Then recently i began to notice something. I had all these hair problems such as dandruff, build up, breakage, knots, dryness, and etc. After all of these problem i stuffed what remained of my hair under a hat and I began researching trying to figure out what i could be doing wrong. I mean i had stopped using sulfates, i did protective styles, what was ...