As i mentioned before i have been natural for about 5 years now. I started my natural journey in 2008 after loosing almost all of my hair to allopecia. Since then i have been through a whirl wind of hair styles, products, and youtube videos. Then recently i began to notice something. I had all these hair problems such as dandruff, build up, breakage, knots, dryness, and etc. After all of these problem i stuffed what remained of my hair under a hat and I began researching trying to figure out what i could be doing wrong. I mean i had stopped using sulfates, i did protective styles, what was the problem? As i scowered blogs and you tube i began seeing people with this amazing amount growth and more importantly healthy hair that had been natural as long as me. Obviously i came to the conclusion it was time for a change. 

I decided at the end of everything it was time for me to pull out my scissors, accept defeat and start a new journey to healthy hair. I could not chop it all off but i took off about 5 inches and decided that  an attitude change would have to come in order for me to be successful. That is why instead of saying longer hair i say healthy. I am beginning to accept that its ok not to have waist length hair. I am learning to love what grows out my scalp even if it not long and flowing its ok because its mine and its healthy. At this point i would rather have a healthy 8in than a dried tapered off 12-16. For once i am listening to my hair. 

Nappy thuth of the day
Less is definitely more when it comes to my 4b hair texture. I have problems with build up so i am searching for ways to combat that. Currently my first step is to stop layering on 10 different products to "moisturize" my hair. Second, I've found i have to co-wash at least twice a week along with a mild shampoo 1-2 times a month. I mix my shampoo with either coconut or jojoba oil and make sure to condition my hair and seal my ends after. third i use a creamy product like cantu or shea moisture smoothie after i co-wash but that's it. lastly In between washing less is best. I keep a spray bottle by my bed that has bottled water( my tap water is chlorine and bleach rich so i dont use it) and jojoba oil. Every morning and night or if my hair feels dry i spritz that on my hair avoiding overuse of products.