Apparently I looked like an old man

So recently I gave in and allowed my grandmother to do yarn braids. Of course my friends thought I was crazy because its almost summer, but surprisingly the hair is lighter and I'm staying cool.

     But anyways the reason I say i gave in is because as soon as I chopped my hair my mom said I actually looked good....uhm thanks I think. But wait it gets worse, when my hair started growing I was told I look like an old man sometimes she was nicer and told me I looked like a grandma. My hair wasn't growing evenly and wasn't really growing as fast as i hoped. Which would be my fault because I'm so used to relaxing my hair, I still don't know what to do with my hair. So I don't have  hair regimen yet :/ Bad I know... But I got tired of my mom's constant jokes, and my coworkers need to call me peachy or peach-fuzz and just let my grandma do her thing. It took us a day and half but they turned out amazing and now the jokes have stopped for now