Since i can remember I've always wanted long straight hair like my cousins! the only thing i failed to realize as a kid was that i wasn't like them i was mixed and not from one nationality like them. As a kid you don't understand lots of things you just see and want them. I didn't understand why i couldn't be like them and why i had to be different. So i did the only thing i thought i could do and nag my mother to straighten my hair, to please relax it so i could fit be like them and look like they did. And for a while it made me happy, all the time spent in a chair was fine with me as long as my hair was straight. Month after month my mom would take me to the salon and pay $60 to have my hair relaxed and styled. And week after week i would have to be careful not to get it wet or sleep on it the wrong way to ruin my style. For this girl it was difficult not because i wanted to be wild but because i LOVEEEED swimming and well i cant sleep in one position all night. As a kid just off the island of PR living in florida the only thing that could replace a beach for me was a nice clear blue pool which was super close to my house and at the time my mother didnt have a car so pool it was.