Wow this is my first blog. Well here goes. In may of 2012 I had my last relaxer. I was not to pleased with the thinning of my hair and how the breakage occurred. As a stylist how could I make others look so great and I looked like a weed eater had been placed on my head. I was due for my next relaxed in July but instead I decided to take the challenge of no chemicals, color, or heat for a year. It has been very hard wit the heat but the chemicals is a breeze. I have noticed that I am 5 months into my transition and I have noticed how thicker and healthier my hair has gotten. YouTube has become my best friend and so has braid outs. I will not be performing the Big Chop because I want to go through the whole process of growing out my hair and gradually cutting it off, I don't have anything against the BC, but I compared my hair transition to carrying a baby. Some have to go out and adopt, while others have a surrogate mother, but some women embrace the changes that there body goes through for nine months, and me I am gonna embrace the changes in my hair for a year and then after a year and all the relaxer is gone I can actually explain to someone else who does not want to do the BC and let them know that it can be accomplished. I am very excited by this whole new transformation that I have changed my lifestyle also. I have started eating healthy and exercising and even my oldest daughter wants to be natural again also. I am so excited for the road ahead and ready to embrace my new transformation.