Hello Everyone! :o)

Okay, so far, I'm like 2 months into my transitioning stage. My new growth is an inch long and I think I have atleast 6-7 inches of relaxed hair....I know thats a lot right!? (well for me lol). In any case, I'm currently getting used to doing my own hair, which is a bit of a challenge since I'm ONLY used to the flat iron. NOT ANYMORE THOUGH! It was to throw that evil contraption away! TRASHED! DUMPED!....I even broke it so I couldn't dig it out xD! So far, I've been wearing protective styles such as flat twists and updo's, primarily because its getting really chilly up here in Chi-Town.

To think I used to L.O.V.E the feeling of the fall breeze flowing through my [relaxed] hair. Little did I know, that its was bad for not only relaxed hair, but natural hair as well! I didnt discover this until recent, sadly. Better later than never, though right? I've been putting my hair into updo's, and going as far as wearing my bonnet UNDER my hat (that I crocheted myself ^_^). Since im transitioning, I gotta' keep those ends in check until my next trim! I'm on a full alert!

As of late I've been all over Youtube,, and CurlyNikki discovering new things about natural hair and seeing how completely FABULOUS these beautiful women look! Honestly, my creamy-crack addiction started WAY too young. My grandma took me to get my hair relaxed when i was 6-7 (WHOA right!?), but at the time I didn't think anything of it. I was only a little girl, and as far as the adults were concerned, my hair was "perfect". My grandmother didnt have to hurt her hands trying to get through my think curls every morning for school. As time and hair appoinments went on, I became addicted. Literally a creamy-crack-head lol! It wasn't until 8th grade I began to question about going natural.

{FAST FORWARD}- My sophmore year in high school, I tried to go natural and started wearing sew-ins. That did not work...I, for reasons unknown to even myself, despise repetition with my hair. I didn't want to wear it down EVERY darn day! so I just kept on getting them, and taking them down, not knowing all this stress and manipulation was hurting my hair! And to add insult to injury, a few months after all this, I got another relaxer. I wasn't going to actually, but i was on the track team and sweating made my hair my worst enemy. It got so curly in the back, and I knew i couldn't wash it ,or flat iron EVERY night, so I got a relaxer. It made things a little better, but my hair was still unhealthy :(. So, finally in my junior year, I am a full-fledged transitioner. I plan to chop off all the relaxed ends on Labor day of 2013. I want to rock senior year with a new fresh attitude!

Sorry for making your eyes hurt. Once I get going into a subject, there's nearly no stopping me lol! That's all for now readers, I'll catch up later with more news and maybe some photos :)