Last night, I conducted a miracle with my hair.....
I did flat twists, and they actually looked pretty decent! :D
(For me this is an achievement because I'm still getting used transioning and using styles that blend the hair, so it's been a little disorienting getting my fingers and hand positioning right >.<)
In any case, though, I twisted my hair with the intentions of taking it down later for a twist out. I flat-twisted my hair, spritzed it with some water and put a little oil on it to give it moisture and wrapped it up. I let it sit for more than a few hours, maybe...7-8 lol, and then took them down, put my bonnet on and went to sleep!

So, this morning I woke up and took my bonnet off, looked in the mirror and....
I was kind of not satisfied -.-
My curles/waves were defined BUT, my hair looked scruched. I tried teasing it with my finger, but my attempts were in vain :'(
THEN I got the idea to spray some more water on it and try again...
And now my hair looks fabulous for Thanksgiving! I couldn't believe how many people looked at me, too. I caught a lot of eyes, which had me thinking, "This whole going natural thing is AWESOME!" Like, really, I'm so stoked about transitioning, because me being 16, I'm still finding myself as a person. I believe, for me, this will help me in this process. Not to mention all the "naturalistas" I've seen on the internet AND in my everyday life.

It's going to take me a long while to grow all my permed hair out, but I'm ready!...I think ^_^;. While I was doing the flat twists, I came across the whole tension with the two textures...ughhhhhhhhh.
Thats ALL I can say about that, lbs! I'm glad that my natural hair is growing out, but it's this darned relaxed hair thats giving me conflict. (Wow, about a year ago, that was the other way around...glad I'm dropping the habbit!)
Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with girls (and guys!) who get their hair relaxed/texturized, but for me:

P.S.: My bf loves my hair like this <3