Hello all....this is where my journey begins to being all natural. My hair has been through it all from hot combing when I was young to all the relaxers on the market. The first time i went natural I actually ended up with headaches just trying to comb my hair hence i relasped but this time older, wiser and more support from blogs, you tube, knowlegde and products i shall succeed. Being in the UK we don't get access to certain product to be honest the majority but i shall keep and eye out (please direct me if i am wrong). As for stylist well its a hit and miss but no-one specialises in natural hair.....and so many myths are still being propagated about our hair.
Ok now my hair at the moment just came out of a weave for which i had to relaxed the exposed hair this was in Nov 12  as foe the full head i can't quiet remeber somewhere in the summer months....but i will cunt from november so two months since last relax.
I shall post a pic as sson as i take out these cornrows so we have a starting point.
My hair never fully relaxes even after using super but makes it more manageable. This has been my main issu with natural manageability ....... my hair is tough.. tough.. tough.. coarse.. coarse.. coarse.. but we shall see. If any-one has any suggestions as to products I can use and available in the UK during my tranisition please share.
Right now the product i use are TALIYAH WAJID, PAUL MITCHELL,TRESemmé and so far the combo seems to do the trick.
These are some website I found that you can order certain products that aren't easily found in shops.....some expensive but hay! investment in your hair and don't go over broad with the amount of product you put in your hair so not to get build up and for that i use the build-up shampoo from boots by boots.

Well ladies until next time....have a good hair day.