I have been natural for about four years but have always cut it and worn it low. It has really been a challenge because i don't really know how to really take care of my own natural hair. I was never really taught how to take care of my own natural hair. I grew up getting my hair hot comb then to perms every month. So to make a long story short i have done all kinds of things to my hair but take care of it up till now. My hair has been perm curled dyed numerous of different colors cut just basically everything you can think of. This past June 24 2013 i decided to cut it (Big Chop) one more time and actually let it grow and learn how to take care of and grow my own hair. I said I wasn't going to dye it this time but i did any way just once. The plan is not to do that again either but to let it grow out just like God give it to me. Problem is i don't know how to really style my own hair. I know how to two strand twist but when its time to take down my hair always knots up at the end. I really dont have a go to product. My hair stays dry alot even though i use oil, leave in conditoner and things like that. I am currently nine months natural. My goal is to find products that really work for my hair and allow it to flourish the way God gives it to me. As well as to be able to show my daughter that we are beautiful the way we are and don't have to add all this stuff to us. Never to cut again!!!:-)


11 months ago

I have discovered that I like Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I have tried the Original and the Lavender Kinds. Jamaican Black Castor Oil has other flavors like Mango Lime and Coconut as well. I will be using those as well on my hair growth journey. I have been on You tube doing research on water washing only no shampoo no co-washing just plain water. I am going to try that for awhile and see how that works for me as well. I mean the ladies that are talking about the water washing only have heads full of hair and that's where I am trying to reach a head full of healthy hair. I find that the less ...

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Less is more

12 months ago

I have found out less is more so right now I'm at ten months of being post big chop and I'm using...