I have discovered that I like Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I have tried the Original and the Lavender Kinds. Jamaican Black Castor Oil has other flavors like Mango Lime and Coconut as well. I will be using those as well on my hair growth journey. I have been on You tube doing research on water washing only no shampoo no co-washing just plain water. I am going to try that for awhile and see how that works for me as well. I mean the ladies that are talking about the water washing only have heads full of hair and that's where I am trying to reach a head full of healthy hair. I find that the less products that I use the better my head feels. Right now at this moment my go to is water Jamaican Black Castor Oils and of course protective Flat twist and hey most importantly my hair is growing and in one more month I will be one(1) year Natural Post Big Chop. Time sure does fly by fast I am really proud of my self I haven't gotten my hair cut. Matter fact I have been really taking great care of my hair. I haven't put any heat to my hair. Just plain TLC to my hair and by this time next year its going to be fuller and longer. AS well this is huge I am reading this book with my church members and family call Give me 40 Days by Freeda Bowens  its a great book on Jesus and Prayer which is most important. This hair growth thing has not been about growing hair only for me its a Spirit thing as well. After all who gave me the hair and can count the hairs on my head but him. Something to think about. Anyway ladies and gentlemen happy growing. Expect A Miracle.