My story's pretty...somewhat short(depending on how I feel when i'm asked about my hair) but overall going natural was not a choice for me I was FORCED. I know I know I know most of you are way older than me and most likely thinking "oh come on here goes the over dramatics of a teen" but bare with me. I'm serious. During the summer of 2011 (August to be exact) my mom reached a point in her life where she wanted to change her life and live for god. She came home in dramatics "omg omg I found Jesus i'm so happy yippee"  (what I heard) memo: it was 2:00am I was tired and in and out of falling asleep while she's talking to me but shes boring me to the brink of oblivion. Any who two weeks past and all my jeans, shorts, flat irons, and jewelry are gone. She's a member of "The Holy Temple church of Apostolic Faith"..... Google it....but basically so I won't bore you to death I had to ether convert or sneak relaxers but since my mom does them for me because i'm afraid that i'll go bald....I converted. I wish I made this decision by myself and started way sooner because I LOVE IT!