Woman in the Mirror

Woman in the Mirror

I am a young woman, who has been natural for almost 4yrs, but natural within for all my life. My blogs will be about how I fought my way into believing and accepting that God did indeed make me a beautiful being.


2 years ago

And then it hit me. As I ran my fingers through my hair, from root to tip, it suddenly hit me that I was natural. For years, I cringed at the feeling of puffed roots against my hands. I was quick to run to the store to buy that no-lye, JUST because of that feeling. That feeling that made me feel so unpretty, so unlady like, so ungroomed. That feeling that would make me scorch my scalp in an attempt to straighten those oh so once dreadful to me…nappy roots. That feeling that caused my peers to laugh at me, caused me to tie my scarf tight around my head, creating tattoos of lines ...

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"Protect that Fro!!"

3 years ago

Good evening Beauties!! The weather is so burrrr! Yea, I think that one word describes it all. Lol....

"Winter Time Hair"

3 years ago

Hola Lola’s!! lol. Well, we all know that Winter is right around the corner. So, it’s time for...