And then it hit me. As I ran my fingers through my hair, from root to tip, it suddenly hit me that I was natural. For years, I cringed at the feeling of puffed roots against my hands. I was quick to run to the store to buy that no-lye, JUST because of that feeling. That feeling that made me feel so unpretty, so unlady like, so ungroomed. That feeling that would make me scorch my scalp in an attempt to straighten those oh so once dreadful to me…nappy roots. That feeling that caused my peers to laugh at me, caused me to tie my scarf tight around my head, creating tattoos of lines against my forehead that were a reminder of the very thing that I was trying to forget…my nappy roots.

That same feeling is the feeling that I now embrace. That feeling of my curls and naps against my fingertips makes me beam with joy. That cotton-like feeling of pureness, natural, unadulterated, uninhibited, and unrestrained from society’s acceptance of what my hair should look like… as a woman of color, as a black woman, and a WOMAN...period.

Isn’t it funny how times have changed?? Those same people who laughed at the naps and called us beady-beads are the same ones running to BC??

I love my hair. But I realize that it’s just hair. My hair doesn't make me more or less of the beautiful woman that I am today. If I decided, at this very moment, to get a perm, how would you view me?? Would you start laughing at me the way that the others laughed at me when I DIDN'T get a perm??
Or would you criticize me for MY decision?? Will the cycle of us women using our hair to define ourselves ever end?? Ponder that…

What I’m saying is, whether you’re weave’d up, fro’d out, permed-out, lace-fronted out, or whatever your choice of style is…It doesn't make you the woman that you are. Your character does…your personality does…the way you make people feel does. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

BUT, as I run my fingers through my hair, from root to tip, I realize that I will never get tired of this feeling…this feeling I love, I can’t deny. My fingertips love those nappy roots!


Be YOU!! It comes soooo naturally!! ;-)