Hi guys!! So, for the past two weeks, school has been kickin’ my butt!! I mean I have had at LEAST two tests every week. Not to mention online work in almost all my classes! But ladies, we all know that when we get busy like this, our hair tends to suffer and receive the minimal amount of attention…NO GOOD!! So...I have been rocking a bonnet for these past hectic weeks. I promised myself that even though I didn't have the time to style and primp my hair when I wanted to, I would ALWAYS take care of it.

 1) I chose a protective style that I knew I could keep in for up to a week. My style of choice was flat twists. I don’t like the way they look without the bonnet, though…lol. I deep conditioned my hair, applied a good leave in, added moisture butter, and sealed with castor oil. I then proceeded to flat twist my wet hair, and allowed it to air dry.

 2) At night, I wore a satin scarf to protect my hair. I used this same scarf to protect the back and top of my hair from the harshness of the bonnet. I left the front area of my hair out, and pinned the bonnet to the scarf so that it wouldn't fall off my head.

3) Every day, I spritzed my hair with water and sealed it with an oil of my choice. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

 4) At the end of the week, I repeated steps one and two, and prepped my hair for week two.

So when time is limited...

DO take care of your hair. You will be very upset with yourself when you wake up to a hair full of tangles and mattes.

DO pick a protective style that you like, stick with it, but also do hair MAINTENANCE! A little spritz in the morning is all you need. And if that’s too tedious for you, just add oil to your spray bottle full of water.

DO NOT neglect your hair!

 Be YOU!! It comes soooo naturally!! ;-)