Hola Lola’s!! lol. Well, we all know that Winter is right around the corner. So, it’s time for us to start adopting those protective styles! The dry, harsh, and cold Winter air causes damage to our hair. Therefore, maintenance is a MUST!! (See my previous post to read my definition of maintenance.)

Weeeellll, my go-to protective style is flat twists, and now that I have a week free of tests (YAAAAAAAAAY!!), I will be trying a flat twist/2-stranded-twist updo! I am so excited! I may just post pics! Also a part of my maintenance plan, I will be trimming my hair this week. It’s long overdue. Note: When trimming hair, make sure you use SHARP shears intended only for the hair. Awhile back ago; I made the mistake of using regular scissors to trim my hair. Ugh! I ended up with more split ends than I started with!


I will be back later on in the week with results of my first updo and possible pics. I hope you guys check me out!!

Ladies, I am curious. What are some of your favorite protective styles that you plan on rocking this Winter??

Be YOU!! It comes soooo naturally!! ;-)