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Been doing the curly girl method for two months. My hair is breaking on one side. Why? What to do?

by jennafray (?)   category Transitioning

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Are you using any clarifying treatments every once in a while? You may need to if not, but thats just a guess, that perhaps your hair needs a break from the conditioning and co-washing. Just a guess. Do you do anything differently on that side when you style, co-wash (like which side you part on, do you massage scrub harder on one side because your dominant hand moves more comfortably on that side -- I've noticed I do that sometimes). Do you sleep on that side? Have you started to pineapple your hair when you sleep or wear ponytails a lot? Any of these could cause friction, or strain on your hair leading to breakage. It may or may not be related to the CG method.

by Prispicacity (4c)

| 2 months ago |
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:-( I'm sorry, don't give up, though! When the damage is gone, which might take a little while and a few trims, you will have a full head of healthy curls :)
- 2 months ago by Prispicacity (4c)
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Ok thanks. I do shampoo once in a while. I try and deep condition once a week. A friend tons me that now I have decide to wear my hair curly. All the heat damage from flat iron is breaking off. I m just confused that my hair seemed healthier when I was flat ironing it. "Sigh" I knew this would be hard but I'm a little discouraged cause I'm not seeing any improvements to my hair.
- 2 months ago by jennafray (?)
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