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How do I get my curls back!? Would curl activator help me out at all!

by angela.ricci (?)   category Curly (Type 3)

So I started out life with naturally curly ringlet hair. I HATED my curls when I was younger and brushed them out so much that now my hair is only a little bit wavy. How can I get my curls back to how they used to be?


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Probably the brushing had nothing to do with the hair being wavy now.  It's probably just a more natural process of growing up; a lot of curly babies/little kids lose their curls as they age.  These changes often happen at times of hormonal swings: puberty, pregnancy, menopause.  

by CurledOne (3a)

| 8 months ago |
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well darn it.... haha thank you for the input! do you know if there is any way to get a little bit of curl back even for wavy hair? I never use product in my hair at all, would curl activator be worth a shot? or is that just for maintaining curly hair if you already have it? I'm rather clueless on hair products. :)
- 8 months ago by angela.ricci (?)
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