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Should I transition before i do my big chop?

by WillowSheaCurls (4a)   category Hair Care

Well i have seen many people do that but i don't know if it would be right for me...


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Honestly, you have to do what feels most comfortable to you. I had been thinking about going natural for quite some time, and I said after 6 months of transitioning I was going to cut it. However, one day after co-washing my hair, I just got this sudden urge to CHOP OFF my hair. LOL I am very happy I did it. I was somewhat nervous about what my husband would say because he met me with long hair. I think because I was so passionate about going natural, it made him and the rest of my family love my new look even more. It doesn't matter if you transition for 1 day or 1 year. Follow your heart, and do what you feel right for you. Good Luck :)

by YoyoG86 (4a)

| 10 months ago |
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