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Why is my hair so freaking dry and frizzy?

by millabean (3c)   category Hair Care

I've been wearing protective styles for about a year. I decided to take a little break and wear it curly but my hair is extremely dry, frizzy and does not curl (naturally) the same. I deep conditioned, did a few protein treatments and it's just a mess! Is it going to stay like this forever and where did I go wrong?


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1 Answer

What shampoos and conditioners and other products are you using? They may be causing the damage. 

by KinkyKid (4a)

| 4 months ago |
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I wash and condition it w/ Organix. I also use Cantu, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil. For my edges Eco olive oil gel & 4 protein treatments, Mayo, egg & oils.
- 4 months ago by millabean (3c)
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