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I'm thinking of shaving my head but I'm very confused how to take care of my scalp for healthy hair

by Wavista (2b)   category Hair & Health

I planned a regimen but i am very unsure of it so I need help with that :)

First i am thinking of using honey on my scalp,but what i am confused about is it ok to use honey directly on scalp or do i need to mix it with something? And can i leave it for 30-1hour? Does honey really cleanse the scalp,if it does then i dont need to use shampoo to wash it off right?

Secondly i want to use onion and gooseberry(amla) juice but i dont know how often to use it and i want to mix 3-5 drops of castor,almond,Evoo/olive oil and coconut oil with it,would that be a right mixture or will it turn the whole mixture into something else?And which one is better to use "Extra Virgin" olive oil or olive oil?

Thirdly,how do i use yogurt for hair protein on bald scalp? Or do any other protein treatments? Do i even need to do protein treatment on bald scalp? doesnt the body provide enough protein for the new growth?

please help me out and also suggest me new healthy and natural ideas for healthy scalp and new healthy hair growth <3


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Are you shaving your head in order to get all new fresh hair growth which will hopefully be healthier than your current hair? I've never heard of this particular method. 

by CurledOne (3a)

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Yes,I shaved my hair 3years back with the hope that my hair will grow healthier and also with the hope that it will grow back straight because when I was young my hair was straight however I went for a boy cut and from then onwards my hair grew wavy and back then I didnt have healthy hair habits but after I shaved,I thought I would take care of my hair when it grows a little bit because there is nothing to do for the scalp but I didnt know that the scalp is actually the most important part :/ ...back then I shaved because my hair was extremely frizzy and damaged too for lack of maintanence!! However,this time even though my hair is wayyy healthier than before,my hair at the back is frizzy and courser (again for lack of maintanance and torture and even for thyroid maybe) than the front hair :( though last year I trimmed my hair every month its not as defined,and though I had perfect straight hair I love my waves but I guess the only thing that will get me defined waves naturally is starting from scratch :) and I need you guys to help me out with this <3 please try and clear my confusion that I stated before and suggest more ideas and your experiences if you have shaved your head :) Preeettyyy Pleaseee!
- 9 months ago by Wavista (2b)
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