Big Chop

Need answers for your big chop questions? Browse through our community questions and answers about how to style, cleanse, and care for your new cut. Big chop is the process of cutting off the relaxed or permed ends of one's hair when she is transitioning from chemically processed hair to natural hair. Wondering if you should do it? Ask our community!
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Big Chop Questions

There is a diference between big c and big chop ?
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I currently have big cornrows (weave) does braids grow my hair faster?
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i'm 14 &.i want to.big.chop dosen't like the idea?
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should i cut my hair? how should i cut it? its urgent please
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what is the 'big chop?
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After I BC'd, I still cannot determine my hair type. How soon should I?
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What does it mean to big chop?
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