really bad damaged 3b hair, should go for big chop?

i have a long 3b hair, last time i trimmed maybe three years ago? i know i shouldve done more often.. but my question is, should i go for big chop? they are really damaged, frizze like crazy... ive been dying my hair monthly to cover my grey roots,  i use garica, sheba butter foam ones. ive been doing many kinds of treatments, doesnt help my hairs conditions. i can attach a pic of my hair, if you can see what my hair looks like. and let me know what i should do about my hair, i just want to have healthy curls to show off! ive always hate my hair for so long time because theyre unmanageable!!

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Yes! I have type 3a hair and I went 4-5 years without cutting it because I was terrified of it coming out bad, during this period I also straightened my hair most of the time so my hair was incredibly damaged. I went to the best hair dresser in my area and told him what I wanted and he understood I still wanted to keep my hair on the longer side. He did cut off a decent amount of hair but it grew back so fast and ended up being 10x healthier and much longer than it ever was before. This was a year ago and I now only straighten my hair for special occasions and get trims regularly and my hair is very healthy- even though i started dying it too

yes! I recently went from almost bra strap length damaged curls to chin length curls and my hair looks and feels amazing :)



If you hair is in that rough of a condition and nothing seems to be helping, then a big chop is definitely the way to go. Consider the short hair stage a prime opportunity to read up on healthy hair practices and coloring treatments that may not be so damaging. 

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