I have 3c/4a hair with a weird patch of 3b in the back. What products could I use?

It's low/medium porosity.

High density

Fine width

Medium length at a little past 10 inches

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It's good you know your hair type because you will have an easier time finding out what will work best for you! However, everyone's hair is different, therefore really it's all about trial and error! According to your hair type, hair milks, protein-free conditioners and deep conditioners are best for you. I personally love Shea Moisture and Carol's Daughters brand hair milk. Also gels, creams, and butters are good for you, according to your hair type! I like using the Ecostyler gel. However, like I said, products work differently on everyone's hair! So have fun experimenting and finding out what works best for you. I hope I helped! Good luck! :)

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