I have straight strands of hair, I need advice them back curly

Yesterday I just got "the big chop" thinking my straight strands will go away. My hair was so long and I did it for no reason because my stylist said those strands of heat damage are far up to my scalp. These straight strands are only a small section on my right side of hair and every where else my curls are perfect. This problem has been going on for a year and I made the heat damage worse just by curling the strands with heat to blend in. I don't want that to be the resolution anymore. I need a way without heat to make those curls come back or a routine to help revive the natural curl patten on these strands. I can't cut my hair any shorter also it's at my shoulder and I use to have it to the middle of my back. I need desperate help.

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Just keep on transitioning and then chop those ends off, don't touch the heat for another 2-3 months and your hair should grow quicker so you can chop the rest of the straight ends off!


I'd leave it alone for a few months... don't curl the strands, just leave them be. Do weekly deep treatments to try to restore your hair's health. Jojoba oil is a great conditioning treatment.

See if the straight bits start to curl and see what the new growth of the straight parts does.

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