Conditioning curly hair is an art, and takes a lot of trial and error. Learn from your fellow curlies by browsing through our community questions and answers about conditioning. Why is conditioning important? Co-washing? ACV rinse? What other conditioning methods are out there? Our community members have asked and answered.
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Conditioning Questions

I deep comdition twice every week , am i over doing it ? Or is it ok ?
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What are some good daily leave-in conditioners?
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When am i supposed to deep condition and condition
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i use a shampoo that put my hair very dry and tangle.what do you recomend me?
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Curl Junkie Deep Condish Made My Hair Frizzy?
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Is it okay to use rinse out conditioner as leave in conditioner every day?
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Is it okay to leave regular conditioner in your hair?
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What's your favorite daily conditioner for 2C hair?
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