Frizz Control

Naturally curly hair is prone to frizz, especially in the heat and humidity. Learn how to fight frizz by browsing through our community's questions and answers. Your fellow curlies have the right advice and can help your hair look its best. Don't see a question that helps you? Click on "Ask a Question" and submit yours today.
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Frizz Control Questions

How to keep your curly hair down and not puffy?
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Best wash n go method for frizzy curly 3b/c hair?
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I jsut started on CGM.So far it's given me better curls but also a ton of frizz. HELP!
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Super Frizzy Undefined Hair?
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Hello and HELP!! My hair is frizzy and very fragile and I'm looking for a HAIR TWIN.
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how do I add curl to my hair without creating frizz?
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Antifrizz product once hair is dry
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My hair is always frizzy and I have no idea what to do it. Help!!!
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