olive oil vs coconut oil. My hair responds better to olive oil. why??

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No real answers for you, just saying you aren't alone! I've noticed my hair responds differently to these oils too. The olive oil seems to not penetrate at all without heat, but while it's on it's not frizzy. Coconut oil seems to penetrate my hair without heat (which is great, as my hair is low porosity), but it seems to get frizzy when it's on my hair. It's weird and I have no explanation as to why it does this! I say if olive oil works better, go for it. It's cheaper anyway :)

mines does the same actually with coconut oil it's still dry I can pack it but it dosent penetrate only with olive oil also sane problem with almond oil 

thanks guys. I do believe im protein sensetive. So far I really like how olive oil works but ill check into the argan as well 


Your hair might respond better to olive oil because coconut oil has a little bit of protin and you might be protin sensitive. 


Olive oil and coconut oil is a bit heavy on hair, it doesn't absorb as well as other oils and it’ll take ages to wash it out after. You should go online and get a product called Pro Natural’s argan oil, that stuff is the best for dry hair, it makes it really soft and strong and you won't get dry ends or anything. It's way lighter than olive or coconut oil and it has more benefits for your hair too! :)

oh this is excellent! I've found I need no heat with the olive and heat with the coconut.  You have been so helpful!  Thanks again

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