If you have curly or wavy hair, learning how to straighten hair is a great way to create a new look, with minimal time and investment. If you decide to straighten your hair, both the chemical and day-to-day versions should be considered. Ask your fellow curlies how to best straighten or retexturize your hair in a safe and chemical free way. Browse through our community questions and answers.
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Straightening/Relaxing Questions

Does relaxing hair cause it to lose it's texture?
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will my curl pattern return if I have my hair flat ironed for 2 days
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Dry Ends
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How can I stop or slow down the breakage I'm experiencing from heat damage?
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Half curly, half straight hair? *PLEASE ANSWER*
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help me!!
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I want to flat iron my hair but not sure if I should cause I don't want heat damage.
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