When I straighten my hair the ends are bent and rough. It's not damage bc I just got a hair cut.

when I straighten my hair it's straight until it gets to my ends. It only occurs in the back of my hair because I have 4a texture back there. The rest of my hair is 3c so it never does it. It's like the ends are bent and at an angle. I just cut two inches from my hair and it's healthy. It never breaks off and I don't have a shedding issue. Idk if it could be the products I use or deep conditioning before I blow out my hair and straighten it.could it be the lack of moisture in it while straightening? When I put coconut oil in my hair after the fact, the ends are not as bad. Help please

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did you try chasing it with a rat tail comb as you flat iron it  that should help 

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