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These homemade hair treatments come straight
from the kitchens of our dedicated curly readers.

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1 Facial Steamer Submitted by Madibugg123 on Nov 20 2012

This 45 minute facial bath will moisturize your skin leaving it soft and silky.

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2 Hot Cocoa Milk Bath Submitted by CarolsDaughter on Jun 28 2011

We use this milk bath in our Harlem Spa and customers fall in love every time they smell it. Its perfect on a cold day. Simply pour a few heaping teaspoons in a bath, swirl and exhale. Bonus: skin feels softer after 15 minutes in the tub.

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3 http://www.healthsuppdiet.com/max-gain-xtreme-reviews/ Submitted by mariaiblacksi on Jun 28 2016

Since you are obtaining stronger in the gym, Max Gain Xtreme Reviews you're therefore forging ahead productively on the muscle building fast track. If you are working out like crazy and not making any gains attempt increasing your calorie intake by 50percent for 3 days. The bottom line is to limit the increased calories to a few days in a row.

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