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from the kitchens of our dedicated curly readers.

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1 apple cider vinegar Submitted by blackbeauty123 on Oct 11 2014

Fixs damaged hair

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2 http://cheapoairpromocodes.com/coupon333 Submitted by salem on May 22 2016

Everything needed to satisfy a Starbucks coffee craving at home

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3 affected by this section of lifestyles. Submitted by vrniashelly on Jun 21 2016

It would most often furnish whole nourishment to your skin with all primary vitamins

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4 Curl Refresh Submitted by pamperingme on Jul 31 2012

Can be used daily to freshen curls, for nightly retwist or rebraid and after cleansing to bring back the hair's ph balance and to detangle

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5 Budget Black Vanilla Submitted by deugenia on Sep 19 2011

I use this combination to Moisturize, Condition, and Seal my hair at once for daily use.

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6 Hair Spray Submitted by Jadedea Jade on Sep 26 2011

This is a water and essential oil spray that you can use to condition your hair daily or refresh some curls without using products.

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7 symptoms. In case you are struggling Submitted by zimnashelly on Jun 3 2016

Most effective this wellbeing supplement has the ability to undoubtedly trade your intercourse lifestyle from blah to warm.

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8 Curlz Recipe Submitted by EarleyGirlCurls on Aug 24 2011

This recipe consist of using 3 very affordable items, and it can be added to you morning routine. It's basically a WashnGo style that I love to rock!

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9 helps you combat getting older factors Submitted by irsafirmy on Feb 22 2016

There are were many areas far and wide the sector in the course of time which have sought approaches of delaying the indicators

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10 Orange Shea butter cream conditioner Submitted by stacyamy on Jul 4 2012

A lovely tropical smelling creamy conditioner that can be used for everyday use and very easy to make!!!!!!

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