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1 mentioned additional with the Submitted by sieijonida on Jun 24 2016

mentioned additional with the

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2 Olive oil and Honey Submitted by parisienne_girl on Jan 2 2013

Condition and make you hair shine, keeping your curls light, fluffy, and moisturized!

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3 en as, which helps safegu Submitted by rgareonida on Jun 29 2016

ning and drying instruments is that it is capable to do each even as, which helps safeguard the hair from

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4 Oil Blend for Hair Growth Submitted by Michelle on Jul 2 2011

Although there are no guarantees that this will stimulate growth, people have reported they've noticed a difference

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5 Hair So Soft Oil Deep Conditioner Submitted by MrsRedKarma on Apr 14 2014

Something I threw together after coloring my hair. Results were AMAZING!

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6 Whipped shae butter Submitted by BunnyBoo37 on Apr 5 2014

This is bomb i use it on my hair once a week and it is good until friday. love love my product. THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO!

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7 hot oil treatment Submitted by JoriPR on Apr 16 2014

Hi girls, i just get my Jbco, i did a oil treatment w it and some others oils that i have on hands. Ur hair will be soft, and well moisturize... i love it.

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8 product line. At the same time their merchandise probably a touch on the luxurious aspect in Submitted by utnchjuriya on Jun 14 2016

product line. At the same time their merchandise probably a touch on the luxurious aspect in

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9 Herbal Oil Hair Treatment Submitted by purelynatural on Jun 25 2012

A terrific way to supply additional moisture to the hair shaft and naturally sooth and condition the hair and scalp. Research to find the best herbs for your hair type or hair problem

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10 Oil Infusion Submitted by CarolsDaughter on Jun 28 2011

I was introduced to this concept by one of my sales associates who has the most beautiful head of curls. She found that in order to get back to her natural curl pattern she needed to provide her hair with the ultimate moisture. Playing around in her bathroom one day, she took Khoret Amen oil and mixed it with her favorite Smoothie. An hour later, she was hooked – her hair was soft, her curls...

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