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1 Refreshing Mist Submitted by Aravis87 on Mar 28 2012

A good-smelling hair mist that wakes second-day curls right up.

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2 Hair mist Submitted by sanielj on Aug 24 2011

hair mist to refresh twists, twist-outs and wash n go

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3 Wet Strand Contest Submitted by Camille3Curly on Oct 20 2011

This simple recipe can be used and altered to meet your strands needs.

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4 Moisturizer Spritz Submitted by purelynatural on Jun 26 2012

This spritz that will keep your coarse hair soft with daily use. I made this today and it keep my hair moisturized all day.

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5 oil and citrus second day curl refresher Submitted by mando_curlyque on Dec 3 2014

Refreshes curls eliminates frizz and leaves a healthy shine

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6 Curl Revival Spray Submitted by kinkiecurlie on Nov 1 2011

I use this recipe to revive my curls for second, third, and fourth day hair. It also doubles as a leave-in conditioner. It smells great and it so pretty in clear bottle.

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7 Aloe gel Submitted by Fmasuhr on Nov 16 2011

refreshes, moisturises and protects! the gel is rather sticky cause of the aloe, so wet your hair a bit with water, then smooth or scrunch a bit through. defines and controls fizz! this has become my new HG!

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8 Green Tea and Honey Nuturing Cooling Hair Mist Submitted by Laquita33 on Oct 20 2011

DIY Green tea and honey cooling hair mist - to protect and moisturize your hair

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9 refreshing tea spray Submitted by Fmasuhr on Aug 29 2011

this super easy spray isnt just refreshing, it also moisturizers and makes the hair soft from that dreaded crunch! i make it up and put it in a small spray bottle for when im on the run and need a bit of a kick.

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10 Beachy Hair Recipe Submitted by Michelle on Aug 17 2011

If you don't have time to shower and you need a quick hair pick-me-up, here is a great recipe I use. The sea salt adds texture and volume while leaving a matte finish..which is good when your hair is oily.

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