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1 olive and coconut hair oil Submitted by curlygirl402 on Dec 3 2013

I use this every other day and It does wonders for my hair

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2 Growth Oils Submitted by kwillsmom on Oct 21 2011

Oil used to seal moisture, promote growth, oils and cools the scalp. Lovely blend of oils. i love it!

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3 Herbal Infused oil Submitted by purplegirl on Aug 24 2011

This is a light essential oil that can be used for hot oil treatments, daily moisturizing or even as an additive to your deep conditioner.

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4 castor oil protein treatment Submitted by kinkycurls31314 on Apr 30 2013

this treatment you will love and is very good and healthy for the hair I do this once a month only I really don't measure it all anyway just keep readin

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5 Apriocot Hair oil Submitted by yachiyah on Mar 11 2014

This oil is good for fragile and dry hair. With the combination of Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil, this oil helps rejuvenate your hair. This oil is good for twist and braids.

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6 Valerie's Hairdrenalin "Potion 16oz Submitted by dlrsutton on Dec 6 2011

Homemade Black Castor Oil on STEROIDS. Unbelievable hair growth!! Nearly 4 INCHES in 7 weeks!!

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7 Fabulous Scalp oil/ Braid protective style oil Submitted by Fabbiejay on Aug 27 2011

Light scent. Easy to apply. Can be used as braid oil and protective style oil. Anti itch and helps with blood circulation to the scalp. May also be used as a hair thickening aid.

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8 1 inch in 1 week hair growth oil Submitted by hairandbeauty on Aug 8 2013

Want long flowing hair but just can't bare how long it takes? This oil and routine will get you anywhere from 1/4 innch to 1/2 inch or maybe even 1 whole inch!

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9 All natural Hot Oil treatment Submitted by melygirl87 on Nov 7 2011

This is an all natural oil that is spectacular in repairing hair and i believe growing hair also. my aunts hair is to her elbows and has never looked so shiny and healthy. It was acquired in the dominican republic where the castor plant grows in the country side. It is a big hassle to get it and make it but perhaps you might find a way to make it so that i dont have to get on a flight everytime i...

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10 Essential Growth Oil Submitted by Daner on Dec 23 2011

Essential Oil have been known to stimulate the scalp to promote faster hair growth. You can can create your own mixture, but here are a few ideal oil to start with. First you need an carrier oil, for example, EVOO, Coconut oil , Jojoba oil, Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil etc. Oils that stimulate hair growth are Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Thyme Oil.

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