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1 Aloe Pectin Hair Jelly Submitted by Valeriia.Sua on Feb 21 2012

Aloe Vera Juice and Pectin Jelly

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2 Easy way to make Flaxseed Gel Submitted by cnguillaume on May 8 2014

Flaxseed gel is very beneficial in physical health and also for hair health.

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3 Linseed (Flax seed) Gel/ Leave in Conditioner Submitted by obia.ejikeme on Mar 14 2013

4C HAIR - Used as my leave-in conditioner. Amazing moisturiser. Also helps control frizz and improves definition of twist/ bantu knot outs

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4 Aloe and Egg White Hair Gel Submitted by melindaruth on Dec 15 2011

This is the cheapest and best hair gel I have used for my 3a/3b hair. It makes my thin hair fuller, bouncier and easier to work with. At first, I thought the egg white would smell, but it doesn't! It MUST be refrigerated and used within less than a week.

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5 Flax seed gel Submitted by Devri1 on Dec 16 2013

courtesy of http://adornabelle.com/

...in the real world of curly hair, that wash-and-go look has taken a lot of perfecting. One of the things I have found to help tame my curls is a magical recipe for flax seed hair gel.

Okay, so it’s not really magical. But it does keep my hair frizz-free and manageable, even though I live in the Pacific NorthWet where frizz is as much...

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6 Vegan Chamomile & Mint styling gel Submitted by hallamaa on Mar 13 2014

This recipe will make a small batch of completely vegan hair gel recipe with chamomile and mint! It gives medium hold and definition for fine wavy hair. The final product lasts for about a week in the fridge. Please remember to check for freshness before use! Lemon juice acts as a mild preservative, but it doesn't have strong enough antimicrobial properties to make this gel last in room...

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