Curl conditioning spray -

This is a FANTASTIC recipe if you want beautiful, smooth, natural curls. All the ingredients are sulfate and paraben FREE. After many years of searching for a conditioning curling spray, (and getting very frustrated with useless products I bought) I developed this recipe. This is a brilliant conditioning spray used for dry, coarse or damaged curly hair. This recipe will define your curls with body and bounce from the roots to the ends.



Mix all ingredients together with a whisk and pour into a spray bottle. It only makes a small amount and you may have to add more of one indredient and less of another - depending on your hair thickness and length. When you have the perfect recipe that suits your hair, you can just double the ingredient measurements. After shampooing and conditioning, simply spray to towel dried hair focussing on the ends if they are dry. Leave for 10 minutes then blow dry with a diffuser until nearly dry, and allow the last 10 minutes or so to dry naturally. Scrunch your hair when completely dry and spray with hair spray or lacquer. You will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at your curls!