Moisturizing Hair Custard -

I found a video of a similar mix on Youtube posted by HairNailsBeautyTips and tried it for myself along with a few extra ingredients and wanted to share! If you are a natural who has been looking for the L (liquid), O (oil), & C (cream) AND a styler ALL IN ONE product, then this DIY may be for you...... The way I've used this mix so far is with defining my kinks. It has a nice enough hold (for me, that is). It's not super crunchy, it has movement, and is soft to the touch. Tip: the best way to see if your gel & favorite leave in conditioner will play well together is to mix a little of both into the palm of your hand. If it creates these little clumps, then that let's you know they don't mix well together & will need to try another product.



Tools you'll need: a clean empty jar spoon or hand mixer measuring cup Stir in each ingredient one at a time and mix well until creamy consistency. You can stir with your spoon or hand mixer to get it done a little quicker.