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Submitted 08/24/2011 by

Category: Deep Conditioner

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Will be using ingredients from your kitchen or local grocery store.


  • Mayonaise, eggs, olive oil


Beat two eggs and add it to a cup of mayonaise. Add a table-scoop of olive oil and add to a mixing bowl. Shake all ingredients and apply thoroughly to clean, dry hair. Wear a plastic cap and sit under a hood drier or use hand-held blow drier for 20-minutes. Rinse ingredients with cold water and shampoo as usual.
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I Have Tried This Before But I Never Sit Under A Hooded Dryer. I Say Its Really Good It Makes Your hair Feel Good And Look 10X Better, Well For Me It Does. Im Only 14, Still A Teen And Of Corse We Want To Play With The Heat Tools And Dye It Ever Color Of The Rainbow , I Did And It Damaged My Hair BAD I Cut My Hair Myself I Cant Trust Salons Last Time They Cut My Hair TOOOO Short So I Done Everything My Self , I Do The Mayo Mask Every 2 Weeks And My Hair Looks Very Nice. This Is Something Everybody Should Try.

Rating: Recipe Rating: 1 Spoons

I havent tried this but I already know it'll become a mess. Sitting under the dryer will cook the eggs and mayo, leaving white and yellow bits in your hair, which are a pain to get out the Hair!

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