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Stripping With Style

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All styling products including gels, pomades, mousse, freeze, hair sprays, glaze sprays, and shine spray products whether department store brands or salon brand leaves a build-up in hair; however, sal Read More...


  • Shampoo that matches specific hair type including straight, curly, chemically-treated, color-treated, etc...
  • Regular or large box of the standard yellow-boxed Arm & Hammer Baking Soda...
  • Best quality conditioner that also matches hair type as listed above regarding the shampoo. It is always best to stay with salon brands. In this procedure, it is also important to use the conditioner a little more liberally than usual along with allowing it to sit in hair longer.
  • Optional items: Small bowl for mixing shampoo with few tablespoons of baking soda, bottle of distilled water if needed,
  • 3-5 "head towels," which are approximately the same size as the ones used in salons. Normally available at Sally's Beauty, Sears, JC Penny's, Bed Bath & Beyond, or like stores to make this regimen easier.


Department Store Style Product User/Newbie: Add approx 4-5 tablespoons of shampoo placed into a bowl then add approx 2 tablespoons of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and mix well. (Might require a bit more baking soda depending upon hair length and build-up).

Stir shampoo and baking soda together in bowl until it forms a thick paste. It should not peak (think of meringue on a pie). If it peaks, add a small amount at a time of distilled water until the mix is paste-like but easily removed with fingers to apply to hair.

Wet brushed & combed hair completely and thoroughly then add the paste working from the scalp to the ends ensuring the mixture is equally covering the hair from back to front. It seems to help when using a super wide-toothed hair pick to make it easier to apply the mixture before time to scrub.

Once the hair is completely covered, begin to scrub from the scalp working slowly but methodically from the back at the scalp level to the ends in sections. Hair may have a gritty feel to it in areas already scrubbed with areas where the hair is super smooth; it is normal. This means the build-up is coming out. Keep scrubbing in a pattern with one section at a time until all areas are scrubbed from scalp to the tips and the gritty feel is considerably less to non-existent.

*It can sometimes require 1-3 treatments to remove all the build-up from department store styling products.

Rinse hair thoroughly in warm water from scalp to tips, again in sections to adequately remove the shampoo mixed paste completely.

Using a wide-toothed pick, gently work hair into sections again from the scalp down to tips. If the hair is too tangled, stop. Apply conditioner liberally from the scalp to ends but do not rinse immediately. Coat hair well paying special attention to the ends. Finger smooth tangles while also using wide-tooth hair pick, again taking small sections at a time until every part of the hair from back to front and scalp to tip is straight. Apply a bit more conditioner and pull through hair using fingers and/or the wide-toothed hair pick to ensure even coverage.

At this point, leave conditioner in hair for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. During final rinse, use cold water to help seal the tips and help retain all-over hair color or highlighted foiling color in hair.

As soon as conditioner is completely rinsed out, wrap hair in a hair towel - it may require 2 to 3 depending upon hair length and thickness. DO NOT WRING HAIR IN TOWELS! Wringing hair will cause breakage and cause split ends to become worse requiring more frequent cuts until the hair grows out over time and multiple trimmings to allow the hairdresser to begin again with healthy hair and no risks of damaging the hair or having it break when applying full color, foiled highlights, or perms.

Squeeze towel into hair to remove excess water. If towel is overly wet, remove it and use another repeating the same manner of squeezing hair carefully into the towel in a scrunching manner that is gentle yet able to bring water from the hair and into the towel(s).

Towel dry hair can be finger combed but careful not to stretch the hair strands. It should be smooth at this point even while wet.

Use a wide-tooth pick, separate hair into sections (separate into even smaller sections if necessary to remove any tangles) and pin back the rest with various sizes of butterfly clips until each section is tangle free.

At this point, addition of a hair style product from a salon a hairdresser chose as it's specifically designed for hair type, style, chemically treated, color treated, etc... is best to apply now.

Depending upon the style and cut, apply salon product to hair as directed by your stylist then either allow hair to air-dry or use a hairdryer on a low setting. If styling combs, picks, or specific types of brushes are recommended to obtain the style, use as directed yet always treating the hair with the utmost of care in order to prevent damaging it.

Many salon stylists use special picks and brushes to follow the style of the hair while drying it using a hairdryer on low setting in order to help build volume, straighten, or otherwise follow the hair's memory, if you will, as it follows the style in which it is now trained such as rolling hair under with a wide high-end ceramic roll brush to add volume away from the scalp yet give the bottom a nice face-shaping under-flip; it rolling the brush up and/or out and away from the face, it still follows the face line with necessary volume required by the style as it curls away from the face allowing for the addition of an open look that will set off a nice clubbing night makeup style including the optional 2, 3, and even 4 colors for the eyes with eyeliner being a part of the color palette to bring out beautiful wide eyes along with long style earrings to match an awesome clubbing outfit that will scream - I feel fabulous and ready to party!

Note: After removing the build-up of styling products, particularly those of department store ones with the additives that will bring even the masterpiece of the most world-renowned hairstylist's tailor-made "magical DO" into a flattened pancake before you can say "Bibbity, Boppidy, Boo!"

After the heavy, build-up fillers are gone, it is quite normal as well as amazing to experience such a thing, but often, after removing heavy build-up over years, often when shaking one's head to feel the lightness of the hair from the removal of the fillers, the hair sounds like the strands of hair are made from super thin magical chimes because it has a type of a wind-chime sound immediately after the process and styling is complete - plus, it remains for a good long while if following the directions in removing these filler build-ups from cheaply-made shampoos, conditioners, and the long-line of substandard styling products. It is worth the extra money to use salon quality products that work best.

Often, it is possible to find salon professional products on E-Bay or on sale online. It is usually a sale to clear out stock to extend work space or changing to larger building with the possibility of taking on a few new salon brands offered at an excellent sale price. After all, salons are businesses and a business is in the business of making money; however, hair salons have the added bonus of making money as a business as well as bringing out the beauty in you!

Salon Product Users: Many hair salon product users are familiar with the baking soda mix with shampoo and a bit of distilled water scrub, especially when using the same hairdresser for many years. It is actually how I learned of this method. I can do it at home and save some money that will allow me the extra to buy the can of Shine I keep in the cabinet along with the Paul Mitchell line of shampoos and conditioners; however, my hair styling products are from Kendra. I will use Paul Mitchell if the salon is out of my favorite Kendra products and it works well; however, it all comes down to preference of what you use.

Salon-styling product build-up in hair can be removed much like the method above only it generally requires a small amount of shampoo the size of a large 50-cent piece with sprinkled Arm & Hammer into the shampoo and mix well between fingers before applying to wet hair scrubbing from the scalp to the tips in sections, which is why it is important to brush, pick or comb hair out well before flipping it downward in order to get the best positioning to wash and treat when there are no hairdressers in the home, no wonderful loungers, and no neck-adapted sinks with those wonderful sprayers that can rinse from the scalp outward so well you want to take one home with you!

The rest of the process is the same including a well-rinsed head of hair, conditioner added in sections then combed through with a wide-toothed hair pick or fingers to allow the conditioner to soak into every strand from the scalp to the tips to avoid breakage or damage.

Rinse conditioner, scrunch dry hair with head-towels then separate and wide-pick hair in sections until time to add your salon-choice of styling products to bring your hair back to the full glory while saving a few extra bucks by doing this at home rather than in the salon.
Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

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