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Snowymoon's moisture treatment from LHC

Submitted 06/24/2011 by

Category: Deep Conditioner

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Homemade deep treatment


  • 4 parts conditioner (cone free; I used Giovanni 50/50)
  • 1 part aloe vera gel
  • 1 part honey (warmed 10 seconds)
  • oil (optional)--I used coconut


The measurements that I used yielded more than enough for one use. I place the remainder in a clean airtight container. I used 1/2 c of conditioner, 2 TBSP each of honey and AVG, and 1 teaspon of coconut oil. You can either warm it all together or just the honey and add the remainder ingredients....I just warmed about 10 seconds...be careful not to warm for too long. Mix all ingredients together and place in freshly washed hair with excess water squeezed out. Leave in 30-60 minutes, rinse and style as usual. Can use with or without heat.
Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

be careful not to warm for too long. Mix all ingredients together and place in freshly washed hair with excess water squeezed out

Rating: Recipe Rating: 4 Spoons

This sounds great and I plan on trying it soon, but I'm just wondering what kind of aloe vera gel I can use. Best I can find is an Ocean Potion Pure and Natural Aloe Gel, which has other ingredients besides the aloe and is meant for skin... does anyone know if this would work?

Rating: Recipe Rating: 4 Spoons

This softened my hair so nicely! It didn't really get rid of my frizz but it did did make hair shiny and my curls more bouncy! Overall I enjoyed this and will use it again!

Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

Amazing! My waves have actually gone curly, they're looking so good! Thank you so much!

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Oh my! My curls are so soft and shiny! I was looking to do something different this winter (my curls were feeling matted and dry!) and this may just be what I was looking for. I had about a TBS of honey left in one of those cute honey bear jars so I just heated it up, squirted about 4 TBS of Tresemme Conditioner, and a few drops of Olive Oil. I didn't have the Aloe Vera so I just omitted it. Very nice! I only left it on for about 1/2 hr (no heat). I still have a good amount left in the bottle, so I have enough for about 2 more treatments. If this continues to work I"ll just continue to use the same bottle (how adorable!)

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This is my all time favourite! And, I use this mixture without the oil for a cleansing conditioner. Never failes! For Dutch curlies: you can use Kruidvat Crèmevoeding en/of Inecto Cocosconditioner for the conditioner parts.

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I have used this DC a number of times and every time my hair is softer and more moisturized. I use GVP condish balm instead of the Giovanni but it still works great.

Rating: Recipe Rating: 5 Spoons

I've been losing a lot of hair lately; my hair feels very weak too. Even though my hair typically LOVES proteins, I think I've been overdoing them lately, so tonight I whipped up a batch of this moisture treatment recipe, and WOWOW. My curls look better than they've been looking lately. Shiny, less frizzy, me likey! Note: I used GF Triple Nutrition CO instead of Giovanni 50/50. I used almost a tablespoon of coconut oil. I warmed a damp body towel in the microwave (Lol!) and left the treatment on for 45 mins, rinsed, and sealed with several drops of jojoba. My hair's still damp, but I think it's happier now. :)

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