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  • 8012 W. 3rd St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
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    (323) 835-9552
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User Reviews (5)

Stylist: Lance Christopher

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Lance has been cutting my hair for at least 5 years now. It always looks great so I keep coming back. Before I saw he had cut my friend's curly hair well, I would always have my hair cut in a straight line. Now my hair has style and I get lots of compliments.

Stylist: Christopher Lance

Highly Recommend Christopher, he did a great job on my curly hair and it may just be one of the best haircuts I've ever had in my life. I can wear my hair whichever way I want it and it falls just great! Can't go wrong.

REVIEWED BY: hananz  |  4.10.08

Stylist: its the girl

Hi I went to this salon because this website told me they knew how to cut curly hair, but they don’t. first thing I did before she cut my hair was showed her pictures of what I wanted and she barely glance at them, then she cut my hair way to short and she didn’t even blow dry my hair right I had to go home and re blow dry, now I have to wait 6months for it to grow back. Don’t listen to the good reviews there probably the salon workers trying to get more people to come, I’m telling the truth when I say don’t ever go to the lance Christopher salon you’ll regret it if you do.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  12.13.06

Stylist: caitlin

is so hard to get a good hair cut for curly hair I recommend caitlin ...she's the best

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.20.06

Stylist: caitlin

I would highly reccommend Caitlin as someone to cut and color curly hair. I found her by accident, and thought i should share the cut is great and requires no effort to style, and the block color method she did on my hair gave it so much shine and depth goodbye dry high lights! Hello rich and natural looking color! Finally!!!!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.16.06