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Stylist: Ali

Okay, so I need to be a little less harsh. I was displeased with my cut, but I didn't give Ali the opportunity to attempt to fix it. She may have just been having an off day; we all have bad days. So I retract my rude remarks, and just caulk it up to being human.

Stylist: Ali

Ok to be fair to all of my curly girls out there I must confess...I went back to Ali after sending out rave reviews, and she botched my cut BAD! I look like demented pixie!!! I have to wear hats, headbands, and bandannas because I am so embarrassed by my awful hair! I have the weirdest mullet in the history of short curly hair. I WANTED AN A-LINE BOB!!! Can we say completely opposite of what I asked for? Plus she broke the unwritten cardinal rule of hairdressers! She gossiped about me behind my back to a friend of mine who went to get her hair done not knowing it. Yeah I won't be going back to see her!

Stylist: Ali

I'm nearly 28, and I have platinum bleach blonde tight curls. My hair is a pain, and I am a perfectionist. Ali is great she really listens and spends the extra time with curly hair. When she cuts she does the usual to make everything "even"...then scrunches everything up and flips it around to catch any random stragglers or to just button up the whole look. You know with curl hair one side can be curlier than the other and the top layer cannot be too short or you get the mushroom. Also god forbid the infamous shelf or pyramid haircut. Just say no!!! Ali is great! She bleaches the heck out of my hair without frying it and cuts it beautifully every time. The services are reasonably priced too which is super important! I highly recommend her!!!! I've been searching for some one just like her for years.