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  • 275 E. 13th Ave.
    Eugene, OR 97401
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    (541) 343-8393
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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Stephani

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

I have curly hair and as every curly girl knows, it is hard to find people who know how to cut curly hair. Fortunately Novo has two stylists who are both excellent at cutting curly hair--Stephani and Sarah. My favorite is Stephani who has cut my hair twice. The first time she saved me from a bad cut and the second time she refined the cut she'd given me a few months previously. I highly recommend Stephani if you're looking for someone who understands curly hair.

REVIEWED BY: cstoess  |  7.31.11

Stylist: Sarah B.

This salon was Rapunzel and then Blu7 - and has recently been re-done and name-changed to Novo. First the disclosure - I am potentially biased since my sister owns the salon. However I have to say that Sarah B. (or Sarah Scissorhands, as she is sometimes also known), has given me the best haircuts for my crazy-hard-to-cut-right curly hair that I have EVER had. Ever. The first time she cut my hair during one of my visits to Eugene, I had originally planned to have a cut with another stylist at the salon, but since Sarah was available at the time, and my sister told me she was spectacular, I decided to give her a try. She was the first stylist I've ever had that I didn't have to explain what I wanted more than "I want to keep it long, and make me look fabulous." Holy smokes!! She did the most amazing cut, and then did these gorgeous highlights (the first I'd ever had). I had compliments on my hair for months after! Now I'm addicted. My family loves it because now I go to Eugene more often (from Seattle). I let them think it's for them, but honestly it's to get that amazing Sarah Scissorhands' Special. How she is not in New York charging $300 a haircut, I don't know; but I'm so not complaining!

REVIEWED BY: docpris  |  1.10.09