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User Reviews (3)

Stylist: Morgan

I went to Breon's Hair Salon yesterday. The stylists sit down with you for a consultation before they even shampoo. Morgan was great and listened well. She noticed previous stylists had added internal layers to my hair to decrease thickness, which worked if I wanted to straighten my hair, but did not compliment my hair curly. She did a good job, although I was disappointed she didn't do a dry cut. Overall a good experience.

REVIEWED BY: Data  |  6.15.10

Stylist: Amy

I have long curly hair. (long as in to the middle of my back) I have been looking for a salon that can cut curly hair at a reasonable price. I found a salon on West End that would cut my hair for $35. I went there twice and I really thought that my hair was starting to go straight! My curls were lifeless and bushy. I decided it must be the way my hair was being cut. I read RAVE reviews online about Breon Hair Salon and decided to check them out. I made an appointment with Amy, who is very friendly and she really listened to what I wanted. I wanted to keep my length and have body. She took one look at my hair and said, “it looks like you have two haircuts. One ends at your shoulders and the other ends at the middle of your back.” Instead of suggesting cutting off my hair to my shoulders to fix it, she suggested that she blend it and let it grow out for about 8 weeks and blend it again. That was perfect! She did an awesome job on my hair. I have the length AND the body! My curls are beautiful! I recommend Breon Hair Salon (and Amy)! They give GREAT head messages when they shampoo also! And I walked out with a wash, cut and tip for $50!!

Stylist: Breon

I cannot tell you enough amazing things about Breon. She knows both the science and art of cutting curly hair. She has tamed my 3b/c hair for many years. She will know if the style you want is workable with your hair type. She will make you happy, no matter what. Breon is a master at what she does. Many years as a professional hair stylist in both the salon and in television and film have made her a style maven.