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User Reviews (7)

Stylist: Sorayah

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Sorayah is a gem! My haircuts from her are beautiful and stay that way for at least 6 months. Even better, her wonderful advice and extensive knowledge about curly hair has helped me keep my hair healthier and grow it 4 inches longer since I started seeing her. As if that weren't enough, she is also incredibly talented at creating up-dos for curly hair - I have, and will continue to, go to her for styling when I want my hair to look as amazing as possible. I cannot recommend Sorayah more highly!

REVIEWED BY: rubyt  |  9.25.11

Stylist: Sorayah

I love Sorayah! If you have curly hair and you live in the Iowa City area, go to her. I have never had a stylish haircut until Sorayah got her hands on my hair. She completly understands curly hair and has great ideas for styles. And she is supper fun! I love my new short fun curly hair.

Stylist: Soraya

Soraya is not only a wonderful stylist, but a fabulous teacher and cheerleader! I have straight hair but my 11-year-old daughter has very curly (3B) hair, and I've never known how to take care of it or style it. Soraya took the time to explain curly hair care and gave us several styling tips and suggestions. She demonstrated some skills, then had me try styling my daughter's hair, giving me plenty of pointers and encouragement along the way. The end result: my daughter's hair looks more beautiful than ever, she feels terrific, and I have more knowledge and confidence. Thanks, Soraya!!!

Stylist: Soraya

Soraya recently gave me the best haircut I have ever had in my life. I've never gotten a good curly cut; I find most stylists don't know what to do with my natural curls. I found Soraya, and am so happy that I did. After five minutes of chatting, she had diagnosed everything that I disliked about my hair without me even having to tell her - a lack of shape, not enough framing of the face, too much volume in the back and not enough on top, and the "yarmulka" flat top. After about a twenty minute dry cut, I got my hair washed and styled, and she refined any out-of-place curls. Soraya even taught me how to style it different ways so that I could re-create the salon style at home. The end result is beautiful. I haven't ever loved my hair so much, or gotten so many compliments. I've worn it down every day since I got it done, and it's so much easier to work with. I am so happy with my curls! I can't wait for my next appointment.

Stylist: Soraya

I have been a client of Soraya since 2001. I started with my hair at the middle of my back, to my current short do. She is good with both lengths, and I get so many compliments on my hair. My curly haired friends also love her. My short do is fun and also professional, and I LOVE IT. I also appreciate the fact that when I had long hair she would cut it in a way that looked good when I didn't do anything to it, when I did or when I straightened it.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  2.27.07

Stylist: Saraya

I went to this salon based on the recommendation from this website. Saraya had no idea how to cut curly hair. I walked out of the salon totally embarassed because my hair was so extremely frizzy and sticking out all over. There were no curls left, you would think a hairstylist would know that you cant brush through curly hair when its dry. The salon was very very expensive.. $98 for a simple hair cut.. that was absolutely horrible. Then she told me I had to come back a week or 2 later so she could trim it up. Why wouldnt she just trim it at the appointment? For another $98, I dont think Im going back. I will never go back to this salon and have had bad haircuts before.. but this one was the worst.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.14.06

Stylist: Saraya

Saraya is the best stylist I've been too. I just happened on this site, but since I've moved to Michigan, I've been scheduling my appointments with her when I travel the 7 1/2 hours to visit friends back in IC. She is a huge fan of the curly girl routine, and though she has straight hair, I have never had a better cut than hers. She also does amazing work with color. There was one time when the color was a little off, that when I went to see her the next day about it, she spent an hour fixing it until I liked it. The salon is a bit pricey, but since curly girls don't need to get their hair cut as often, it evens out over time. She cuts dry and cuts each curl. Her specialty is long curly hair.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  1.26.06