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User Reviews (5)

Stylist: Michael Deprohpetis

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

I had been a client at Storm Hair group for almost 2 years. My last visit there was horrifying and unacceptable. Micheal did not treat me with any respect, he insulated me in front of the whole salon by shouting insults at me. This was the worst salon experience of my life. I will never go back and I discourage anyone from seeing him. No haircut is worth that. I am both disappointed and disgusted. 

REVIEWED BY: curls83  |  2.6.16

Stylist: Michael DeProhpetis

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Hi, after reading the great reviews I decided to go and was not disappointed. He knew exactly what to do which made me very comfortable . I am more confident in my own ability to style it with the great products and tips that he recommended. I have already booked my next appointment. Thanks to all the reviewers , Cindy

Stylist: Michael DeProhpetis

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I have never had such a good hair cut. Mike knows what style matches my face and gives me a perfect cut every time. I was afraid to cut my hair short before meeting him because at least if it was long it could be pulled back. Now its short and amazing! I honestly do not remember the last time I pulled my hair up, the cuts Mike gives me make it easy to manage and it honestly looks great all the time. I would totally recommend him to anyone with curly hair and I have. When my best friend got married I took her to him, her curls are tighter then mine and she often gets what she likes to call the "meatball cut" but Michael fixed that for her! Seriously girls I drive for an hour every six weeks to have Michael cut my hair!

REVIEWED BY: Marta  |  3.2.11

Stylist: Michael DeProhpetis

My story is similar to Baby Gaps. I am from Niagara-on-the-Lake and have been driving to Toronto to see Alana at Epoca (she is really great and I loved her cuts but not the drive) and it would be months and months between cuts because of the distance and not being able to schedule a cut other then on the weekend because of the drive to Toronto (not to mention the cost). I found Baby Gap's review of Storm in Fonthill and decided to give Michael a call based on her positive experience and let me just say, she was right on the money. The salon is beautiful and everyone is very friendly and professional but relaxed. Nothing too pretentious here but some great papering for sure. I knew what I didn't want but I was a little wishy washy about exactly what I did wanted as I am still in search of a great short or medium funky stylish cut for my 3b curls (if anyone has a photo of one I’d love to see it) everything ends up looking round (football helmetish) based on my curls, the thickness and coarseness of my hair. I took some photos and we talked about what might be a good place to start and some of the techniques Michael used. I was incredibly anxious after the MANY MANY horrible cuts I have had over the years. But. he knows his stuff and is very personable with a great sense of humour and put me at ease. The first cut was a little conservative maintaining approximately the same length until he saw how my hair reacted but still a great cut resulting in light weight springy curls. I have been back again and this time we went much shorter for the summer. Another great cut, still on the round side but I think that has more to do with my hair than the cut. I have REALLY thick full hair and Michael is great at thinning it out without the dreaded frizz and working with my natural curls not against them. I’ve found my new stylist … now I just need to find that young hip cut that makes me feel great! Anyone in this area (Niagara/Hamilton) looking for a great, experienced curly stylist. Micheal is your guy. Oh and he is a curly too!!

Stylist: Michael DeProhpetis

I live in Burlington, Ontario and have been driving to the Toronto area to have various "curly hair experts" cut my 3b hair (Jonathan Torch, Delineation - Deva, Prisma - Ouidad). Although I've been pleased with all of the above, the drive to Toronto was getting to me so I did a search on google to find a curly hair stylist closer to home. Michael's name came up, listing one of his areas of expertise as curly hair. I reluctantly called the salon to speak with him to find out what his cutting techniques are. He had just left but the receptionist promised to get back to me when they re-opened after the weekend and sure enough, she did. She said that Michael would need to see me to establish what kind of curl I have before he would decide how to cut it - that answer sat well with me so I booked an appointment, again reluctantly. I put Michael through the 3rd degree when I arrived but he knows his stuff and he knows how to handle curly hair! He gave me a terrific cut (cut it wet) and now my curls are back to their old springy selves. It was still an hour drive for me to get there, but at least it was a beautiful drive into the Niagara area with no traffic! I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK! The salon is beautiful and has a professional, yet laid back atmosphere and the prices are very good! So curlies in Niagara/Hamilton, if I left happy, so will you! You won't be disappointed.