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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Rhonda

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Rhonda is the best hair stylist I've been to in Miami, Florida! The experience was wonderful, from beginning to end. She consulted with me about what I wanted. My curls were so saggy at first that I almost asked her to take it all off. She told me I had beautiful curls that needed to be defined. Before she cut a single strand, she asked me if I was okay with what she was going to do. As she was cutting, we chatted and got to know each other, and she was very kind, caring, and compassionate as she was cutting my curls. She also explained to me things I didn't know about my hair, such as the fact that my hair growth made my curls a natural bounce to my hair. She explained certain ways to take care of my hair as well. Once she finished cutting my hair, she asked me if I liked it. I said yes. I liked that she was consulting with me as she went along the process, which showed me she was considerate. Then we went off to shampoo my hair with a "low poo" shampoo, Hair Rules cleanser. Rhonda was very gentle, calm, and caring throughout the entire process. She told me she loves helping people. I felt really relaxed and the way she lathered and rubbed my head felt like a massage. She was very caring and gentle with my hair, which is an experience I hadn't had before. It truly was wonderful. After that, she diffused my hair and used her time to dry it. I always felt safe with her working my hair. The experience was amazing, and I will definitely keep cutting my hair with Rhonda. I'm glad I found her! :) Veronica Suarez

Stylist: Rhonda

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I have typical "type 4a/b" hair - that i usually wear in wash n go's, twists, and twist-outs. Since transitioning and doing my own big chop over a year ago, I have been afraid to have someone else do my hair. That was until I found "anaturalbeauty3" on youtube - a.k.a. Rhonda who works at Glow Salon. She is a natural hair stylist at a very diverse salon who is very knowledgable about natural hair. It's such a relief knowing there is someone else out there who I can trust to take care of my hair, other than me! I would recommend her to anyone. I hope this helps other people like me in the South Florida area who have been looking for a stylist but afraid to trust anyone :)

REVIEWED BY: yardie  |  1.3.12