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Stylist: Patti Paull

Rating: Salon Rating: 3 Scissors

The salon itself is rather dumpy which did not give me a good feeling as I entered. That would not be a deal breaker in itself but my overall experience is what will keep me from going back. I was a little disappointed when she didn't inquire about my hair, like trouble areas etc. She was doing 3 Deva Cuts that afternoon and I think they were back to back since the other two she was working on had curly hair. I was going to go for a "haircut" but after seeing the place and the hair of the lady she was working on I changed my mind and went with just a trim. I got the feeling I was the last appointment of the day and she really wanted to get out of there. What upset me the most was that after she did the cut and her technique did not resemble any Deva cut I had see on line, she actually combed the back of my hair to cut it she then turned me over to a shampoo girl to was my hair. I was very upset with how rough she was with scrubbing the scalp and she kept running her fingers though my hair and pulling it straight. Not the way I wash my hair. She also shared with me that the first time she used No Poo no one told her it would not lather and she kept putting more on...really? No one told her about the products for curly hair? Now if you have never had a deva cut before or never had someone cut it that truly knew how to cut curly hair you may be happy but this curly girl will not be returning to Avenue Hair Design.